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Volcan Mining Limited is a leading exploration and mining company focussed on the development and profitable commercial exploitation of the Volador Gold concession in southwestern Ecuador. Volcan Mining has the right management team with a proven successful gold mining track record in Ecuador and the resources needed to make Volador succeed.

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The Volador Gold Mine Project and concession that is being acquired by Volcan Holdings Inc ("VOHO'') is located in southwest Ecuador in the Province of El Oro (“the Gold”). The concession surrounds the Pindo River over an estimated length of the river of 18km and it drains a highly mineralized gold district over 400 square kilometres, which has been mined upstream and in various zones since pre colonial time for over 3000 years and the province has been named after the wealth of the gold in the Zaruma District.

VOHO is evaluating various modern mining technology to exploit the available free gold and generate significant early cash flows with forecast earnings (EBITDA) approximately USD17 million dollars per annum per mine site at a production rate of approximately 1000 cubic metres per day for an annual gold production rate of >15,000 ounces expected to commence in early 2021.

The Pindo River is boxed in between 25m at the narrowest place and 100m at the widest and with an average width of 40m. The estimated depth in the gravels to bedrock is between 1 to 10 meters, with an average of 6 meters on the banks. The main target is the coarse gold located at bedrock including the traps in the bedrock in the active river particularly in pay streak areas related to river bends. The access to the river has a road all along the right side and the nearby villages may supply all the required services.

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Volcan Mining Limited (“VML’’) Capital Raise Share Offer
The Acquisition, Financing, development and ASX listing of the Volador Gold MINE concession PROJECT, Ecuador. JANUARY 2021.
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Our Projects

Volador Project Location

Drone Survey - January 2020

Volador concession area and Rio Pindo

Company Management

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Robert Washer Volcan CEO


Sholom Feldman Volcan Mining Managing Director


Managing Director
M: 0411 744 411
E: sfeldman@volcan.com.au
David Evans Volcan Mining Executive Director


Executive Director
M: 0421 903 222
E: davidevans@volcan.com.au

Volcan Mining Limited

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